Best impact driver

Ever heard of an impact driver? No? Are you a diehard do-it-yourself fanatic? Have you encountered old rusted bolts or screws that are stuck and won’t come loose using your regular screwdriver? What you need is best impact driver.

Our guide on the best impact driver reviews

Best Impact Driver Reviews

          Makita impact driver

          The Makita impact driver is your perfect tool if you need a driver that can handle from your simplest to most complex jobs. You can also use it to drill holes.

          It comes in different models boasting of various accessories including a case to carry it, charger and battery. With up to 1460 pounds of torque and high rotational speed, it is an ideal tool for a wide range of fastening and driving jobs without tiring you.

          It is portable and with its rubber moulded handle for a firm grip and top design ensures that you won’t get fatigued as you work.

          Your Makita impact driver will not be affected by extreme conditions such working in dusty or water-logged areas because of it is designed with the Extreme Protection Technology (XPT).

          best impact driver


          • Dual LED lights means you can work in dark and areas not well exposed to light;
          • Easy changeover of bit because of single sleeve chuck;
          • Powerful torque with 4-pole motor;
          • Compact design;
          • Mental housing for improved durability; and
          • Fast-charging (up to 22 minute) and durable battery.


          • They come with just a single battery.

          Dewalt impact driver

          This model of impact driver is traditionally used to drive in bolts, screws, and other long fasteners as well as drilling holes.

          It comes in different models with the DCF887D2 model boasting of a brushless engine, which increases its rotation/speed thereby boosting its performance.

          It is light and compact making portable and easy to operate even in high places. The two 20 V batteries in MAX Li Ion technology gives you more time to work.

          dewalt impact driver


          • Engineers at Dewalt Company, this impact driver models manufacturers’, wanted you to work efficiently, faster and for a longer time by making the engine of the Dewalt impact driver brushless and loading it with 20 V batteries in XR Li Ion technology;
          • You get optimum application freedom with its 3 settings of speed;
          • The 3 integrated LED lights with their 20 seconds of delay after releasing the trigger enables you to work even in dark areas; and
          • It is compact and light, which means you can work without getting tired even in confined areas.


          • The model’s battery lasts a shorter period compared to similar impact drivers; and
          • You may not know the battery charge level because the Dewalt impact driver’s batteries have no charge indicator.

          Bosch impact driver

          If you are the do-it-yourself disciple, this is your most ideal small and powerful tool with a unique design enabling you to work with it in different angles making it effective in tight areas.

          The design of its head allows you to work easily and quickly with the newest driver or drill bit.

          The wide range of its speed means you can use the lower speed to slowly manoeuvre when you are working on corroded items, while for the tougher jobs you use the higher speeds.

          They come with the Bosch Electronic Cell Protection feature, which protects your battery from damage by overheating, overloading, or even discharge. Its lithium-ion battery lasts 400 per cent longer than a traditional battery.

          bosch impact driver


          • Its small size (5.4-inch head), compact design and light weight (2 pounds) makes it very convenient for personal and home use;
          • It adequately illuminates not well lit working areas for more efficient drilling process with its 3 integrated LED lights;
          • It is a very durable devise because of the nylon composite and durashield technology, which is aimed at enabling it to withstand 25 drops from a height of 12 feet into the solid concrete.


          • The design of the head requires specific bits such that it does not hold firmly the usual 1.5 inches bit in a tip.

          Porter impact driver

          In case you need high performance then the Porter cable pack is your tool-an easy to carry and operate impact driver powered by a battery. Its high torque (the twisting force which causes the rotation) means it gives you maximum power and run time as compared to the other brands and models.

          It does not require much effort when operating and hence it is ideal for you if you are prone to fatigue.  The kit comes with accessories which help you in fastening the applications, extra battery, gloves and much more.

          PORTER-CABLE impact driver


          • High-speed motor: It has a high-speed motor-nearly 900 RPM- with speed variations, which means you can select the speed at which you can work and feel comfortably while drilling.
          • Battery life display: Since it has a battery life indicator display, you are able to see when the charge is going down for you to recharge it again.


          • Porter impact driver model is slightly heavier than other models, which makes it a little unsuitable for you if you are working in high or confined areas.

          Why you need a best impact driver

          It may not have occurred to you that you need a best impact driver. Try it today and you will start wondering how you survived this long without one. You can use an impact driver to screw in or unscrew screws and bolts.

          You can use it to drill holes and, unlike your regular drills, the impact driver will back it up with a lot more power making your work easier even when working on thick hardwoods or very dense materials. This is because of one of its special features- the impact mechanism, which is the source of its power.

          What is an impact driver?

          The impact driver is a manual tool but it offers you a stronger, rotational and downward force. It is favoured by mechanics when working on very tight and large screws, bolts and nuts, especially rusted ones.

          What is more, they can fit into some of the awkward and confined spaces that drill drivers cannot.

          Impact drivers, just like any other power tools, you will find them in the market in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, purposes and specifications. Some are affordable, but the motorized versions cost significantly more than the common electric driver or drill.

          Drawbacks of an impact driver

          Despite being powerful, impact drivers do not have torque control. When you use them on smaller screws or softer materials, you may damage the screw or work surface.

          Also, if you use regular screwdriver bits on impact drivers, they can wear down or even break extremely quickly and, therefore, you need to buy impact bits.

          How to buy the best impact driver

          Buying the best impact driver, with the right power, good features and knowing how to properly use it will improve your performance.

          You must go for an impact driver that has the right power, has the features you need, is durable, and is always reliable. This means you go for one with the right torque suitable to your work.

          If you opt to go for a battery-powered version, then check out on how long the charge lasts. You must consider the material the impact driver is made of.

          You may be one among the millions of people who purchase their goods, in this case an impact driver, online. This means you will always read the comments of other consumers on the impact driver before you purchase it.

          This is good because it may help you to purchase the right impact driver. The downside is that it may mislead you as some of the consumers comments may not be objective because they may be influenced by a combination of factors-wrong use, business rivalry, rumours and hearsay etc.

          This is why we have compiled objective information about impact drivers and packaged it in a friendly and easy-to-use manner to enable you to purchase one that suits your needs most.

          For more information, you are free to visit our more detailed review of these products for you to decide on which one suits you and your work most.

          1. Torque: The key feature of impact drivers is a strong torque. It is, therefore, important to select one with a torque strong enough to drive long and short screws.
          2. Drive: Go for a driver that can make drills easily by selecting one that can drill bigger holes with a smaller driver.
          3. Quality: Go for high quality impact drivers to avoid stressing your hands and arms.
          4. Noise: Buy some acoustic earmuffs or defenders to protect your ears because impact drivers make loud noise.
          5. A combo: Buy accessories – hammer, drill, driver etc- which go with impact drivers to cut costs.


          For any further details you may feel we have not covered in our guide, we are happy to answer them. Use our information guide to carry out your research to select your idea impact driver, use it well and stay safe.